Security, Privacy and Anonymity made easy.

A lot of websites and apps make use of trackers to monitor you online and get to know where you're connected to, what you are looking for and what they could sell you. These trackers follow you from one site to another and collect as many information about you as possible.

That's why we at Spod have created a virtual network where you can connect and avoid this type of annoyance.

All the traffic between your device and the Spod network is encrypted using AES-256 and with the Web Filter you can also block threats such as phishing.

Besides blocking trackers that follow you online, no other third parties (ISPs, WiFi and mobile data providers, etc) can see your online traffic.

Unlike other companies that profit from user data, we created a simple way to anonymize everything that goes through our network: There's no registration!

Web Filter

One of Spod's network greatest benefits is the Web Filter that can block unwanted content from your device. We have separated the content into two different categories:

  1. Trackers: These trackers are everywhere on the internet and they monitor you to show relevant ads and gather information.

  2. Threats: The threats are divided between resources spreading malicious content and phishing websites.


This is what sets us apart from the competition: There's no registration!
Users do not need to provide us with any personal data, not even an email!

By processing payments through the AppStore and using random credentials for each subscription, we simply don't have any personally identifiable information in our database.

This is the kind of commitment we have at Spod for your Security, Privacy and Anonymity online.



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Price $7.99 per month $79.99 per year
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Free Trial 1 month 1 month

Spod VPN & Web Filter is available for Android, iOS and macOS in two different subscriptions.

All subscriptions include a 1-month free trial before charging you.



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