Privacy Policy

This policy is effective as of June 30, 2019 and applies to the use of the SPOD VPN & Web Filter app, software and related services

SPOD is committed to protect your privacy and therefore we will not collect any Personal Information for the use of our software, App and services, referred to as "Services" in this document.

Your use of the Services indicates that you agree with this policy and our Terms of Use.

As used in this policy, "Personal Information" is data that can identify a specific person.

1. SPOD never collects your Personal Information, websites you visit or data transmitted from your connection. We do not collect your email address, username or your browsing history.

2. Payment and distribution are processed exclusively through iTunes/AppStore and Google Play. Your e-mail and payment information is subject to iTunes/AppStore or Google Play privacy policy and we do not have access to this information.

3. SPOD guarantees a strict policy of not registering or maintaining identifiable access logs of our users. The process of filtering and blocking content configured by the user is processed automatically and without manual intervention or monitoring. The only information we store for user queries is the Alerts list.

Legal use

SPOD does not tolerate or endorse any unlawful, criminal or fraudulent activities perpetrated by the use of the Services. Therefore, SPOD reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account in the event of any breach of the Terms of Use coming to our attention.

Changes to this policy

We may make changes to this policy, with or without notice, so we recommend that you review the policy periodically. This Policy is available on our website.

Send an email to if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.

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