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Spod's virtual network is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) hosted in our servers along with a firewall to enhance your security, privacy and anonymity online. A VPN uses an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. At Spod we use the IKEv2 protocol and AES-256 encryption.

When you use Spod's VPN all the traffic from your device to the internet is routed through our VPN servers. Whenever you visit a website using the VPN, your device does not reach the website directly, it's actually the server reaching the website and then forwarding the response to you. Picture the following example: When you go to www.example.com a request is made from your device to our server saying "I want to go to www.example.com", followed by a visit to www.example.com from our server which then sends you the result. When this happens, the owner of the website www.example.com does not know it was you who visited their website so they can't link you to it. Also, because of the cryptography used in the tunnel, any other entity in between such as your ISP or mobile carrier can't really know what you're accessing so they can't gather information about you.

Yes! Because of an extra layer of encryption between your device and our servers you can rest easy that anyone that's in the same network as you or in any point up until our servers cannot snoop on your traffic at all: This means which website you're visiting and any data you exchange with it.

The Web Filter is a feature that blocks several resources on the internet to make your browsing safer. Because all your traffic is routed through our servers when you use a VPN, we can apply security rules for all our users and help them filter trackers and threats. You can think of the Web Filter as your email's spam filter but for the entire internet.

Yes and no! Due to the nature of the VPN every resource you visit while inside Spod's network goes through our servers so we do know everything that's being accessed. However, since we don't require a registration and never obtain any personally identifiable information from you, there's just no way to link those resources back to you!

Spod's virtual network will block any communication to the blocked resource. Trackers tend to be invisible so you might not notice any difference. As for threats and phishing, you might get a blank page if you're visiting a website in your browser. Every time a block occurs an alert is generated and you can check these in the 'Alerts' tab inside the App and with the latest update you can also receive PUSH notifications.

We don't want to have to ask you to trust us so we solved this problem by anonymizing everything that goes through Spod's network. When you install the App and subscribe, a set of random credentials is generated and installed on your device. Whenever there's traffic in our network all we really see is the random set of credentials that were generated for your device and therefore we can't link this traffic to you.

We handle payments entirely through Apple/Google and the AppStore/Google Play. The subscription is acquired from the App as an In-App Purchase and we do not receive user details such as the Apple ID/Google Account or even your name and email address.

As a new customer, you are eligible to a 1 month free trial so you can test the App and our network and decide whether you'd like to get a subscription. If there's no cancellation by the end of the free trial period, AppStore/Google Play will automatically charge you for a subscription.

Currently the app is compatible with Android, iOS and macOS devices and you can get it at AppStore/Google Play.

Yes, you can share the same subscription between multiple devices, as long as they use the same iCloud/Google account. However, because they are two distinct stores, there is no sharing between iOS/macOS and Android.

You can manage your subscription directly from the app by going to More > Subscription. It is also possible to manage the subscription from your device's application store (GooglePlay/Appstore).

No, there's no bandwidth limitation in our network so your speed should still be the same.

No, there shouldn't be any impact on the battery usage since all the processing (including the Web Filter) is done on the server side.

Inside the App's main screen you will find toggles to control what the Web Filter should block between Trackers and Threats. For more information about these categories click here.

Our servers are located in multiple regions:

You can switch between the servers in the app by tapping on the flag icon in the navigation bar.

You can contact us by email at support@spod.com.br. Remember, if you're concerned about your anonymity we suggest creating a new email address instead of using your personal one.

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